EGG’S ÉCHO is an association founded in 1990 and which has as its objective the creation and promotion of theater, music and plastic arts activities. It is active in the areas of developing and production of cultural events, meetings and artistic training, also opening to any other form of transmission of knowledge approach in this area. Several members have experience in different fields, the creation of workshop, theatre activities and training. The goal for the coming years is to offer training and courses for professionals and amateurs in Europe and provide courses with a scientific approach and language learning through art. The Egg Association’s Echo was created twenty-three years ago by a group of artists, painters, photographers, actors and musicians but also who wanted that their creations are accessible to the greatest number of people. Several times a year, events were organized in different places; theater park bandstands, town halls, cultural centers and each artist present his latest creation. This movement initiated by “Egg’s echo”, if lost in its original form, remained alive in the minds of professional artists who are the breeding ground of the association.

Rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle

75009, Paris

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