Association „Rural Partnership Selija” is a LEADER type Local action group (LAG) in the south-eastern part of Latvia. Its primary aim is to promote local initiatives on the territory of five rural municipalities rather remote from big centres. Its 60 members are local entrepreneurs, NGOs and rural municipalities. The slogan of our development strategy is „Countryside – the environment worth living in”. It is our mission to ensure that our rural inhabitants get informed, inspired and involved in definite actions, such as LEADER program projects. Thanks to the implemented projects, the local initiative groups have opened 10 new, fully equipped Community Centres for the local people to come together and arrange their activities: creative workshops, sports events, lifelong learning activities, discussions on civic topics. Our 43 NGOs – local initiative groups – are really very active and interested in maintaining and developing our Latvian traditions and customs, arts&crafts and our natural landscape. The local NGOs and their Community centres need some support in experiencing other cultures and traditions, meeting similar enthusiastic people representing other European cultures and lifestyles, people coming from different environment. We find it very challenging to get involved in a European Lifelong Learning project as in the process of sharing the target group of the project – the people living in rural areas – will be motivated to get involved in investigating both their own cultural heritage and that of the EU project partner countries. That would provide our active people with a new way of learning – learning by seeing what people living in other European countries do, comparing and sharing their own best experience. It is an effective way of acquiring new skills at any age.

Biedrība “Lauku partnerība Sēlija”

Skolas Str. 16a-5208

Akniste LV, Latvia


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