AIMS: It is established with the aim of making scientific and cultural activities in the community; providing social cooperation and solidarity; providing support to individuals and organizations who work on this field. WORK ISSUES
1.Doing research in order to enable and develop social and cultural activities and also working with young people and volunteers to strengthen social and cultural activities.
2.Holding educational programmes such as courses, seminars, conferences and panel.
3.Providing any essential information, documents, publications in order to realize the aims; creating a documentation centre; forming informative newsletters and distributing newspapers, magazines, books to its members for the purpose of announcing its work; setting up a website on Internet and so contributing dissemination of work issues.
4.Setting up locals, clubs so that members benefit from there and have good time at their leisure time; establishing social and cultural facilities and furnishing them; organizing activities and camp; finding partners and promoting these activities with the participants from abroad.
5.Holding dinner parties, concerts, balls, plays, exhibitions, sports, sightseeing and fun activities, etc.. to develop human relations among members and maintain these relations or enabling members to benefit from these kinds of activities.
6.Engaging in an international activity; joining foreign associations and organizations and making joint work with these organizations on project basis or cooperating.
7.Organizing essential activities so that young people grow up in a better way; giving young people opportunities; working with them; reintegrating them into the society; by working with projects, ensuring that they grow up.
8.Providing new opportunities to young people who have fewer opportunities; conducting studies and activities so that young people have better possibilities or opportunities.

Our NGO:
• offer courses for the sake of teachers’ technological improvements, helping them to learn how to use Excel, word, PowerPoint to create web sites, to provide a cooperative atmosphere among the teachers build relationships among the members, which are based on love, respect and tolerance
• enhancing the relationships between the students and those who have already graduated
• organize meetings, symposia, panels, discussions, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, sport contests are held.

Karahuyuk Mah.Pir Hasan Cad. No:85/A

42040, Konya – Turkey


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