Pro Art & Co


Pro Art & Co is a non-profit organisation involved in informal education. Our learning topics are related to culture, art, heritage, literature, science, environment and active citizenship. We apply an innovative multidisciplinary method of spreading knowledge and introducing new skills in our cultural programmed, activities and training courses in order to improve personal experiences and better access to learning. We believe that the best exchange of information and an interactive communication between the participants and the holders of information is through the direct contact with the learning material, so we facilitate and organize the opportunities where our participants gain new cultural experiences and proactively encounter the process of education.

Our target groups are adults, older and young people and children. We also work with diverse ethnic groups, refugees, migrants, artists, professionals in different fields of activities and those who are interested to improve their knowledge and personal development. Our aim is to improve their participation and motivation towards further learning and in that way to facilitate inclusion and cohesion into a mainstream society. We organise cultural events and involve our members and young people in mobilities, individual and group travel experiences and intercultural meetings throughout Europe. The purpose is to facilitate communication, try to bridge cultural and language barriers and to create informal learning opportunities through visits to historic, heritage sites, museums, libraries and cultural institutions. We also organise workshops, courses and interactive events specifically related to culture, heritage, art and crafts and support young people’s basic training in ICT and digital skills, music, art, literary, media and history/heritage subjects with particular focus on presentations and possibilities to perform. We also run Pro Art members club.

PRO ART CLUB aims to bring together likeminded people regularly, to broaden members experiences in the world of culture and art, to create social circles where people meet, exchange the ideas, listen to the authors, artists, performers, musicians, visit museums, art galleries, heritage sites and buildings of historic importance,  concerts and theatres and enjoy exquisite travel opportunities to European countries and wider with the aim to learn about the traditions of people from around the world.

If you would like to join us, make some new friends and socialize in style, please click in our Application form and follow the instructions. You will become a member in no time with fantastic membership benefit to enjoy.

Address: SW10 0SZ – Plaza, 319, 535 Kings Road, London, UK


Highlights Europe – ProArt & Co

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